Control of firewood pests is best accomplished by management of the firewood itself. Spraying/dousing the wood with insecticides is not necessary, effective, nor recommended, and could produce harmful vapors when the wood is burned. A better plan is to:

     1.  Store firewood outdoors, only bringing in what you plan to burn immediately or within a few hours. Storing firewood for extended periods inside the home, garage or basement allows pests in the wood to emerge within the structure. Firewood stacked indoors can also become a harborage for rodents.

     2.  Position the woodpile away from the house and off the ground. Firewood stacked against the side of a building impedes ventilation and encourages moisture problems. Storing the wood in this manner also provides a direct, hidden avenue for termites and carpenter ants into the structure. Stacking firewood off the ground (e.g., on poles suspended between concrete blocks) increases air circulation and drying.

     3.  Burn older wood first. This shortens the time during which pest infestations can become established.

     4.  Shake or knock logs together to dislodge any pests clinging to loose bark. Don’t forget to check bottoms of log carriers, since pests often crawl into these when the logs are transported into the home. The occasional insect emerging from firewood can easily be eliminated using a broom or a vacuum.